Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a Pure-O-Pedic Mattress

What’s the difference between buying directly from you or from a retailer?

Pure-O-Pedic does not sell directly to the public, and we only sell to retailers with high standards in customer service. 

How much will it cost to ship my mattress to me?

Shipping costs depend on weight and location, as well as the retailer from whom you buy your Pure-O-Pedic mattress. All Pure-O-Pedic retailers of the highest caliber, and they’ll be happy to assist you with your shipping inquiries. 

Do I need a foundation/box spring with a Pure-O-Pedic Mattress?

Pure-O-Pedic mattresses are manufactured to be sold with or without a foundation. You may also put our mattresses on an adjustable bed or platform bed. 

Do you have any foundation/box spring recommendations?

Our retailers will be able to assist you in choosing a good foundation/box spring, or with choosing and adjustable bed or platform bed.

What should I do with my old mattress?

Donating your old mattress is the best thing to do. Also, because the foam used in memory foam and latex foam is completely recyclable, you may choose to find a recycling center that can recycle an old memory foam mattress that you’ve replaced with a new Pure-O-Pedic mattress.

About Pure-O-Pedic Mattresses

What’s the difference between your open cell structure and other memory gel foam mattresses?

We allow our foam to cure for 7 days before we make the mattresses. Most manufacturers do not! The resulting open cell structure promotes better air flow and relieves more pressure.

How do your mattresses compare to normal mattress depth? Will I need special sheets?

Our mattresses range from 10″ to 14″. You might need deep pocket sheets with our thicker mattresses.

Can your mattresses cause allergic reactions?

From the beginning, Pure-O-Pedic mattresses were conceived to be made from the purest materials possible in order to eliminate the chance for allergic reactions. We have never heard of any allergic reactions from our mattresses, and we’ve been awarded three certificates for purity! 

Mattress Care

How do I care for my Pure-O-Pedic mattress?

Rotate the mattress 180° every 2 months.

Never clean the foam.

The cover can be washed. In the case of a stain on the cover, it can be removed and washed on a gentle cycle. Make sure the cover is fully zipped up before washing so it doesn’t damage the zipper. Or you can remove the bottom of the cover before washing it. Dry on low heat. 

You can find complete instructions on the label.

Warranty Information

What does your warranty cover?

Our warranty covers body impressions greater than 1.5 inches. It provides a 10-year full replacement. You must purchase a mattress protector at the same time as the mattress, and it must show on the same receipt. Stains and soil marks void the warranty, as moisture can damage the integrity of the mattress.


To order a Pure-O-Pedic mattress or to find a retailer near you, please contact us.