Our Story

I built homes for a living for almost 20 years. In 2007 I had a terrible motorcycle accident severely injuring my neck. I had severe nerve damage and lost most of the muscle on the right side of my body. My construction career was obviously over. I had an old friend that suggested I sell mattresses. “Mattresses? I don’t know anything about selling mattresses!” Then it dawned on me, I knew a lot about spinal alignment from my father being a chiropractor. I was sure I could use that knowledge to help people understand why they were experiencing back and neck problems, along with other ailments in an attempt to not only give them a better night sleep, but to educate them on how a great night sleep can help in the healing process.

So I opened a mattress store. In the beginning I researched mattresses for several hours a day. I used my knowledge from being the son of a Chiropractor to lay people on the best mattress and pillow for them. (Keeping their spine perfectly aligned) Then I started touring factories around the country and other countries. I was trying to resolve a few issues that I had encountered in the first couple years of business. Why did mattresses not last very long? Why did mattresses slowly break down where the person was laying, causing a permanent body impression? Why are people experiencing sore throats and allergic reactions from their new mattress? Why were people complaining about being too hot at night? I started to find out that manufacturers were using below industry standard components. That’s what was causing permanent indentions, allergic reactions and night sweats!

So I wanted to figure out who built the perfect mattress. It seemed that every manufacturer that I researched had the same complaints on line. Why were they cutting corners? After countless factory visits without the answers I was so desperately seeking, I came to the realization that the only way to get the perfect mattress was to do it myself. I started touring factories again, only this time I was trying to see if someone would build a mattress line the way I wanted. I knew that I was going to need help so I asked my father to join me in the design process to guarantee proper spinal alignment. We started this business with one thing in mind; Giving our customers the best night sleep possible without compromising their health. During this process we learned that furniture grade foam (like your couch cushions) were on average 1.8 to 2.1-pound foam. (I never seen a quality couch have an indention in the cushions.) We also learned that most manufacturers were using 1lb foam in their mattresses to make them feel real soft. Thus the body indentions in the mattress. We also learned that all foam was made with petroleum and harmful chemicals that caused Off Gassing. People have reported several problems from TOXIC mattresses, like sore throats, itching skin and even liver damage! This was a really serious issue when we started working on Pure-O-Pedic!

We made an extra effort to guarantee our beds were certified toxin free! We addressed every issue that we came across to create a mattress brand that we would put our own family on! We went as far as using 2 1/2 times the industry standard furniture grade foam in our mattresses! (That means no more body indentions in your mattress!) We also replaced toxic chemicals with caster plant oils and palm seed oils! (No more off gassing!) We even received 3 certificates proving our mattresses were clean and pure! We used cool Gel and the latest technology in cooling fabrics to whisk away heat! (No more night sweats!)

We are very proud to introduce Pure-O-Pedic! A line of cool, natural mattresses and pillows that will offer optimal support and comfort while adding an increase in circulation, therefore giving you the restorative sleep that you deserve!